Michael Baron


Michael has had a lifelong career as a pianist, organist, composer, arranger, animateur, and music educator.

Michael thinks he was born as an accompanist. Ever since he started to play the piano, which is before he can even remember, he’s been accompanying singers and instrumentalists, starting with his parents and family, across the whole spectrum of music making: in professional classical circles, auditions, festivals and competitions at all levels, as well as in churches, schools and communities. He’s worked on innumerable shows as musical director, accompanist, repetiteur, chorus master and conductor.

Originally from the North of England, he first studied organ with the distinguished Manchester organist and music educator, Michael Callaghan then graduated in 1980 from the University of Leeds, where he’d studied composition and harmony with James Brown, orchestration with Philip Wilby, harpsichord with Frank Mumby and organ with Peter Seymour.

Over the years, Michael has worked with many fine instrumentalists, particularly in the field of light music. Among these the late, much loved Joyce Sharples (Joyce Mills) who invited him in a theatre pit as a callow youth to be her accompanist, and pianist to her Spa Salon Players. Michael is an experienced exponent of the Palm Court style, and always enjoys his arranging and playing for his friends in Three’s Company and the Andy Long Orchestra.

Michael has a lifetime of  experience in working with young musicians from all walks of life on all sorts of instruments. He has successfully coached and inspired hundreds of musicians, many of whom have gone on to pursue music and performance as a career.

Michael is also the pianist behind the extensive library of instant access accompaniments for singers which can be found at www.youraccompanist.com and can be seen performing regularly on the UK's Theatre Organ circuit. Find out more on his website www.theatreorganist.co.uk


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