Helen @ Verything

Management & Communications

Helen is a freelance new media producer and designer who works in digital and print media. She supports the Opera Intima team in a variety of management and communication roles.

Based in Brighton, East Sussex, Helen has been creating websites, e-learning and print materials since 2003.

The daughter of an orchestral viola player, Helen has always had hands on exposure to the world of arts management and has been combining her skills to support artists, singers and musicians through projects such as www.youraccompanist.com and www.websitesforsingers.com.

A singer in her spare time, Helen is a member of Sussex Voiceworks Choral Society.

She has spent significant periods of time in Central Europe and has a degree in Hungarian. She does most of her opera-going in Budapest at the Hungarian State Opera House where she enjoys personal backstage tours from her correpetitor uncle, a Wagner specialist.


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